1. How are customs fees calculated?

Answer: Fees are calculated by Jamaica Customs. For more information contact them at 948-9734 or visit www.jacustoms.gov.jm

2. How much does it cost to send parcels overseas?

Answer: The cost will depend on the weight of the parcel and the country of destination. Please see rate sheet on our website

3. Is there an express service for local mail?

Answer: Yes. There is a next day mail delivery service called Zip Mail.

4. Will I be compensated for items lost in Jamaica?

Answer: Compensation and the level of compensation is dependent on the outcome of an investigation which would be carried out once you file a written complaint to us.

5. I have received a notice to collect mail item at a Post office, how do I know which post office?

Answer: The name of the Post Office you are to collect your item from can be found at the date stamped on the notice.

6. Is the Post Office open on Saturdays?

Answer: Only some Post Offices are opened on Saturdays. These are Greater Portmore P.O., Half-Way-Tree, Constant Spring P.O. and Liguanea P.O. Opening Hours are 9am – 1pm

7. Can I contest the Customs fee applied to my parcel?

Answer: Yes you can. You would have to contact Jamaica Customs at 948-9734 or visit the Jamaica Customs Branch at the Central Sorting Office 6-10 South Camp Road.

8. Should items being sent via Express Mail Service (EMS) be sealed before arriving at the post office?

Answer: No. Do not seal your packages being sent by EMS. The contents will have to be checked and verified at the Post office counter before it can be accepted and sealed.

9. Can a passport be sent by the post?

Answer: No.

10. Can I send prescription items?

Answer: Yes. However, a prescription should accompany the medication. The prescription item will be examined by Ministry of Health officials before it is cleared to be delivered to the recipient.