About Us

The Post and Telecommunications Department (Jamaica Post) headquartered at 6-10 South Camp Road, Kingston, manages the island’s network of nearly 400 Post Offices and Postal Agencies. As a Department of Government, the Ministry of Science, Energy and Technology has portfolio responsibility for Jamaica Post.

A second entity, the Postal Corporation of Jamaica (Post Corp.) was created and registered in 2000. The Postal Corporation of Jamaica is mandated to transform Jamaica’s Postal Service into a profitable, modern and efficient entity and works closely with the Post and Telecommunications Department to achieve this objective.

There are over four hundred postal points across Jamaica. These include 237 Post Offices and 164 Postal Agencies.

Post Offices offer mail and commercial services including bill payment, local and overseas expedited mail service, parcel post service and the sale of postage and commemorative stamps.

Postal Agencies primarily collect and deliver mail and sell postage stamps.

Postal services are offered Monday to Friday 8:00am to 5:00pm and in selected locations Saturday 9:00am to 1pm.

Mission Statement

To provide superior logistics solutions and other value added services by leveraging technology, human capital, and our expansive network. We are committed to honoring our universal service and social obligations while offering an exceptional customer experience.


An icon of excellence for quality logistics solutions.


The postal service was started in Jamaica on October 31, 1671, making the island the first British colony to have an established Post Office. Gabriel Martin was also appointed the first Postmaster General in Jamaica in that same period. Additionally, the first Post Office was built in the then capital, St. Jago De La Vega, now known as Spanish Town and operated as a sub-branch of the British Post Office.

As the need for reliable postal service grew in tandem with the booming sugar export-driven economy, Edward Dismore was later appointed in 1754 as Postmaster General. He then established a network of Post Offices throughout the island, many of which remain as major post offices today.

In 1776, the main Post Office was moved from Spanish Town to Harbour Street in Kingston and in 1860, achieved full managerial and operational autonomy ending its sub branch status with the British Post Office. In addition, distinctive Jamaican postage stamps were introduced for the first time that year replacing British stamps which were then in circulation.

The main Post Office found a new home at the General Post Office on King Street in Downtown, Kingston following the 1907 earthquake that caused significant damage to the capital. However, these premises soon proved inadequate given increased mail flows and plans were drawn up to construct a new head office building including an automated central sorting office. Work on this new building started in the mid 1970’s and the sorting facility fully commissioned in 1980.

Significant dates in Jamaica’s Postal History

1671 —  The first Jamaican Post Office established in Spanish Town under King Charles II with Gabriel Martin appointed the first Postmaster General in Jamaica.

1746 — The ‘Jamaica’ straight line hand stamp appears on letters showing their point of origin

1754 — Edward Dismore appointed Postmaster General of Jamaica.

1776 — The Post Office relocated from Spanish Town to Kingston.

1801 — The “Ship Letter” hand stamp appears on letters so that correct postage rates could be collected.

1860 — Jamaican stamps replace British stamps.

1877 — Official postcards from Britain are introduced in Jamaica.

1900 — Jamaica’s first pictorial stamp showing Llandovery Falls appears.

1907 — The main Post Office on Harbour Street in Kingston was damaged by an earthquake and later moved to King Street.

1980 — The Post Office’s administrative headquarters established on South Camp Road.

1980 — Central Sorting Office constructed

1995 — The Postal Corporation of Jamaica Limited (PostCorp) is registered.

2000 — PostCorp begins operations.

2001 — Local Next Day Delivery service introduced

2004 — Liguanea Post Mall officially opened introducing a new business model for the Post Office

2010   Received Quality Management Certification from the Universal Postal Union, the governing body for Postal Administrations worldwide

2012 — A modern centralized Customer Service Unit is created. Online tools introduced making the process of resolving customer queries more efficient