Business Solutions

Mega Mail

Mega Mail provides a hassle free way to send large quantities of letter mail by using pre- paid postage stamps. You will save time and benefit from volume discounts. Mega Mail is best suited for corporate and medium sized companies with large mailing needs.

 Franking Services

Take the trouble out of having to buy stamps for posting large volumes of mail. Rent a franking machine and frank your mail yourselves, before dropping off at the Post Office.

Advertising Mail

Reach thousands of customers at their home without breaking your advertising budget. With Advertising Mail you are able to cost effectively send your flyers, unaddressed brochures, leaflets, and coupons at affordable rates.

  • 2,500 -10,000 for only $2.00 each
  • Over 10,000 for only $1.50 each

You decide what areas you want your advertising mail to be distributed and we will deliver using these options:

  • Gate to gate along the postal delivery route
  • Inserts in private letter boxes
  • Over the Post Office counter directly to each customer

Business Reply

Local Business Reply Service is a paid reply envelope service that makes it convenient for your respondents to reply to your direct mail. All your respondent has to do is, enclose his/her cheque, statement, reply coupon or any other forms of response in the reply envelope you provide, and mail it back to you. You are only charged postage upon response. Find out how you can get your business reply service envelopes by contacting or 364-6604.