Jamaica Post joins the rest of the world in observing and celebrating World Post Day on October 9. For us in the Post, it is a time to showcase our achievements, milestones and strategically plan, improve and develop products and services based on market reviews.

Jamaica Post has been actively putting in place the necessary systems and tools that would contribute to the roll out of new products, improved customer relations and service delivery. Significant sums and manpower have been spent to improve efficiency in operations, customer service, strengthen security systems and protocols especially in our sorting facility and to roll out our rebranded local next business day delivery service – Zip Mail.

The roll out of Zip Mail is significant as it sends a strong signal to staff, the public and our competitors that Jamaica Post can innovate and is ready to compete and make an indelible mark in the courier business – in essence Jamaica Post is here to stay. With the new Zip Mail, customers can now have items picked up at the door and delivered to the door in select areas and at all stages track its movement online, all at an affordable cost.

The innovation does not stop here. Other initiatives are being considered, some being worked on that will ultimately see greater diversification and integration in the services offered by the Post and that will be of value to business customers and the general public.

We could not have remained operational and relevant without you who continue to use the Post Office and provide commendation and constructive criticism as well as the dedicated staff who at times work under austere circumstances, yet they deliver time and time again.

On October 31, the Post will mark three hundred and forty-four years of service in Jamaica. We are committed to Jamaica and to building a strong link in the postal supply chain moving goods and products locally and across borders.

Thank you.

– Michael Gentles
Postmaster General